Monday, October 29, 2007

And the winner is...

With a total of 8 votes, far surpassing the other stachetestants, the winner of the first official Stachetoberfest contest is....

Adam Trujillo!!

Congratulations Adam, and thanks to all of these guys for participating. They made a huge sacrifice, considering they could have been arrested at any given moment ;)

Mullets and mustaches mix


Stachetoberfest correspondent Kathy Q was on the scene to bring you this slideshow of Tacoween goodness and the other pics posted here. Adam's win wasn't a complete walkover, as the other contestants showed up ready to play. Special kudos to the mustachioed evil Space Ghost, who floated all the way down from the north woods for the occasion. Enjoy!

The day of reckoning is near

I don't really have anything else to say other than that, so there it is. I don't have any funny pictures to add either. Really, the only point of this post was being able to use the word "reckoning." See ya!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bill Watterson sported the 'stache

The past month has brought many reflections on the society's acceptance or rejection of the mustache. I found an great collection of rare Bill Watterson cartoons today, including many from his college days and a few self-portraits that quite clearly depict the creator of Calvin and Hobbes with a mustache.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Mamas, get your kids inside and lock the doors!

Remember our friend Jack?

I miss him. I wish he were still around, and hadn't joined that convent.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

all you need is a stache and a gun

'Nuff said!

new update

My last photo was taken on friday Oct. 12, so i felt I needed something a little more current to go with the fellows who had their update shots taken just two days ago.

As you can see, I am becoming quite a serious gentleman.

5 dudes abide?

The Cowboy still believes in us, despite the Stachetoberfest attrition.

Here's the current standings, for any readers reeking of trout bait or mulleted in remote areas.

False start/Disqualification: Beastwood

Outed by outraged flat mate for repeated shaving during first week of competition. Thrown under the bus for unwillingness to train his inner stache to run an entire half marathon with him.

AWOL: Jack

Jackers went J-Lo and protected his jubblies from further Stachembarrassment. Jack's Stache, we hardly knew ye. Not every stache can make it in the crucible of the Stachetober playoffs. Just ask this guy.

MIA: Victor

Last seen in the Maine wilderness mumbling something about seeking Grizzly Adams' advice after seeing Into the Wild too many times. Do Mainers have a Krakauer problem? Updates still pending from the great North Woods.

Foul: Alex
Shaved on Day 5 in a freak lapse of pre-weekend habit. Six days of catch up could be devastating due to the healthy growth of beardly fellow contestants. Still in it but winning it looks tough without the aid of local biotech's homebrew of nanoengineered Rogaine derivative purchased in the black market on the hard streets of Needham Heights.

Handel-ing it

Pretty much says it, doesn't it?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not to take anything away from these awesome staches...

But has anybody seen Fontecchio lately? I saw a picture of him on his blog and I think he is growing a Mike Piazza mullet. See photo below:


Here's my update. No words needed.
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Only ten days left...

This webcam picture fortunately can't be enlarged, expanded or otherwise improved.

Which, on balance, I'm thinking is a good thing. Shamus led the way. My mirrors are broken. Other updates? Kraemer and El Senor T, I'm looking at you.

Jack, we barely knew ye. Or your dead caterpillar.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet punk show flyer

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I came across this awesome flyer to a punk show I'm going to tonight. Guess I won't be embarrassed being the only guy there with a mustache. Though, it makes me wish my stache had eyes.

Friday, October 12, 2007

no mirrors in my house

I don't know about the rest of you but looking in the mirror is just painful. I have to close my eyes when I brush my teeth in the morning. Unlike Beastwood, I'm not trying to impress any 15-year-olds at Somerville High, so I'm not desperate to shave this thing off. But it will be a relief when I finally do.